Essay career ielts results list

Why do I say this? Well, for one thing, the format and difficulty level is much more predictable. And the question will almost always ask you to choose between two perspectives in some way. I can give you links to several examples. This is a really important resource. This question presents a statement or perspective, and then asks you to say whether you agree or disagree with the perspective. Because of this, good prewriting strategies are key!

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Name required. Email will not be published required. Log in. Sign up. Aman October 12, at pm. David Recine October 17, at am.The world of work is rapidly changing and employees cannot depend on having the same work or the same work conditions for life.

Discuss the possible causes and suggest ways to prepare for people to work in the future. It is a tendency that many people change their careers many times during their lifetime. This essay will identify the causes for these changes and recommend some ways to prepare for working in the future. There are many reasons why one job for life seems to be over.

IELTS Writing: Essay Topics for IELTS Task 2

One of the major reasons is our consumerism society. Therefore, job hopping for a higher paid jobs or doing multiple jobs is no longer simply an option. Another reason is that the development of technology has changed the structure of work at such a fast pace that people have to constantly update themselves with the latest working methods.

However, many are unable to adapt to the changes. For example, older workers might find difficult to compete with younger workforce and have to find a new job or change their career field. For those who want a stable life even in the rapidly changing future, they should realise that as long as we find a job which gives us satisfaction, there would be no need to change.

My advice for those people is that if we stick to one job, life can be more stable. Of course, if ones want some employment changes, they should prepare for new job openings with a variety of working experience and skill set.

Some should return to school to pursue courses that can lead them into new careers. Otherwise, some should take a fresh environment in which they can use and improve their skills and experience. In conclusion, the process of job hopping is becoming very common because of social and technological development. I suggest that our knowledge and skills should be updated regularly and we should have a balance between career changes and job satisfaction.

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Some are taken from old exam papers, a few are from the Cambridge books, but most are from my own course. Should include your opinion in the introduction to a Discuss Both Sides essay? Great question! Click here to find out the answer! Is it importance to add balance to a To What Extent essays or can you argue strongly for one side? Great question — many answer is even better! Watch my free video lesson to find out how you can use the band descriptors to achieve a high score.

Read my blog post on the Dangers of Paraphrasing to find out! Well my friend, you are in the right place! I hope you found them useful. Others feel that they have little or no impact on artists. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Other people believe that they put unnecessary pressure on young learners and tell us very little about their actual ability.

Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Some people feel that there should be a fixed punishment for each type of crime.

essay career ielts results list

Others feel that the circumstances of an offence should be taken into account when deciding on a punishment. Some people believe that in the near future there will be no borders between countrieswhile others feel that national borders will always remain.

Others feel that it has little or no real impact. Some people believe that every human can create art. Other people think that art can only be created by people with special talents.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Others feel that it is politicians who have the most control over the way people lives. Some people feel that the primary function of a university should be to prepare students for the working world. Others think that adult life brings more happiness in spite of greater responsibilities. Others, however, prefer to take risks and think that change is a positive thing.Some people choose a career according to the social status and salary-it will give them.

IELTS India Band 9 Speaking - Perfect Score! with Subtitles

Others choose a career according to whether they will enjoy the work. Model Answer :. In today's world, selecting a career is a very important decision that individuals have to take in order to be successful in life. Some believe that individuals should follow their passion, while others think that certain career fields will bring more money and fame which is far more important than enjoying what you pursue.

I strongly agree with the latter viewpoint.

It is often said that doing what you like will always keep you motivated throughout the course of your career. But, it may take many years before monetary success is attained. Musicians and artists are some examples of professions that arise from passion and love towards music and act.

However, such hobbies are not acceptable as a career field in my home country, Malaysia. The underlying reason for such behaviour is that music and art are not considered as a proper job. Furthermore, people in my country believe that individuals who pursue such fields, bring shame to their families. Thus it is evident from the above that most people give utmost priority to social status compared to their own niche interests. On the other hand, it is arguable that some individuals shape their own future in accordance to the remuneration to be received.

In Malaysia, given the country's consistently bad economic performance, individuals are forced to sustain and feed their families by opting for the highest paying jobs. Jobs such as doctors, lawyers, surgeons and engineers not only bring luxurious incomes but also add reputation and fame to their families.

To top it off, in Malaysia, children are brought up from a tender age with the mindset to achieve the career pathways determined by their parents. In short, although selecting a career out of passion may seem motivating and enjoyable, at the end of the day family expectations, social status and salary brackets are preceding factors for one to choose a suitable career.

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Which do you think is the best way to choose a career? How to brainstorm and organise ideas for writing task 2? Share this. Related Articles. How can this problem be solved? Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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IELTS writing task 2 structure Structure is quite essential when writing a fully relevant and well formatted essay. In the IELTS they are especially looking for how coherent your essay is, see how you can better structure yours for success. IELTS writing task 2 introduction phrases Introducing your essay is the first way to grab and hold the attention and good impression of the marker.

Click the topic to get a sample essay, vocabulary list, and a Ted Talk video to help learn the vocabulary in context. Others think that robots have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

IDEAS : Definitely important, true, big advances, productivity, intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Can have negative effects — Unemployment — automation — loss of jobs — safe nets need to be in place — welfare system etc Even death of citizens — Tesla accident autonomous driving —. Conc: there are too many advantages to ignore, we cannot forego these advances however more precaution and govt. Legislation could be wise. Some people think that new houses should be built in the same style as older houses in the local area.

Others disagree and say that local authorities should allow people to build houses in the styles of their own choice. Yes, should be in the same style, keeps property values higher, uniformity, conformity, and cohesion —. EG certain villages in prosperous parts of England such as Cheshire, The Cotswolds, and Howarth have extreme rules because the areas have immense cultural heritage.

Innovates an area, introduces new flavours, styles and ideas into stale and old areas. Your house can reflect your personality. You can make it more environmentally friendly. You can install technical innovations. Conc: both are viable and fair, the caveat is that the law should be clear from the beginning and be permanent — changing it would be extremely unfair. Some people spend a lot of money attending cultural or sports events.

Is it a good or a bad thing? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience. It also most likely begets higher revenues for the performers and promoterswhich should ultimately lead to a even more events. This undoubtedly leads to greater monetary and cultural wealth for a society.

Higher ticket prices lead to better wages for football stars, which lead to more quality players wanting to play in the EPL, leading to a considerable increase in high net-worth individuals residing in these cities. There has undoubtedly been a positive self-fulfilling cycle of improvement and quality, fuelled by increasing prices.

Furthermore high prices will most likely mean higher tax revenues for the government, this is definitely beneficial for society.Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Many believe that devoting time to build a remarkable career is of paramount importance, yet others consider that spending quality time with friends and family should be given more priority.

Analysing the opinions given by both groups might help to mould my opinion. People who find a successful career believe that a glittering career is not just a career, it is more than that. For example, a man who has a great career possesses the ability to support his friends and family in a markedly better way compared to the counterpart. Besides, they argue that as it commands a generous salary, which in turn shows the avenue of happiness. In simple words, a successful career pays a handsome paycheck that helps to solve issues in life that make people important and felicitous accordingly.

A lavish gift of jewellery, for instance, is often a silver bullet for a happy married life. On the contrary, some people opine that it is worthwhile making time for family and friends.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answer: Best Way To Choosing A Career

They go on arguing that family time is crucial because it strengthens ties and bond with family. In addition, it helps one to instruct children in acceptable standards of behaviour.

A good chunk of studies revealed that spending time with friends cures severe mental diseases. Now, I incline to the notion that a good career is less important than the company of friends and family.

Since people want a brilliant career in order to be happy, but the way it isolates people suggests that they will likely suffer from mental issues like depression, insomnia, and so on. Therefore, a successful career should not be achieved at the cost of happiness and personal life.

In fine, a good career is an important thing to achieve, but not more important than family and friends. I admit that the drawbacks of a brilliant career without having a personal life is meaningless. Therefore, work-life balance is punctuated by many career counsellors.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Write about the following topic: Some people say that spending time to develop a successful career is the most important thing.Whether or not a transformation is sensible to contemplate depends on the question one is trying to answer" (Hand, 2004, p. The probability distribution of the statistic, though, may have unknown parameters.

Commonly used estimators include sample mean, unbiased sample variance and sample covariance. Widely used pivots include the z-score, the chi square statistic and Student's t-value. Between two estimators of a given parameter, the one with lower mean squared error is said to be more efficient.

Furthermore, an estimator is said to be unbiased if its expected value is equal to the true value of the unknown parameter being estimated, and asymptotically unbiased if its expected value converges at the limit to the true value of such parameter. Other desirable properties for estimators include: UMVUE estimators that have the lowest variance for all possible values of the parameter to be estimated (this is usually an easier property to verify than efficiency) and consistent estimators which converges in probability to the true value of such parameter.

This still leaves the question of how to obtain estimators in a given situation and carry the computation, several methods have been proposed: the method of moments, the maximum likelihood method, the least squares method and the more recent method of estimating equations.

Interpretation of statistical information can often involve the development of a null hypothesis which is usually (but not necessarily) that no relationship exists among variables or that no change occurred over time. The null hypothesis, H0, asserts that the defendant is innocent, whereas the alternative hypothesis, H1, asserts that the defendant is guilty.

Essay 66 – Spending time to develop a successful career

The indictment comes because of suspicion of the guilt. The H0 (status quo) stands in opposition to H1 and is maintained unless H1 is supported by evidence "beyond a reasonable doubt".

essay career ielts results list

However, "failure to reject H0" in this case does not imply innocence, but merely that the evidence was insufficient to convict. So the jury does not necessarily accept H0 but fails to reject H0. While one can not "prove" a null hypothesis, one can test how close it is to being true with a power test, which tests for type II errors.

What statisticians call an alternative hypothesis is simply a hypothesis that contradicts the null hypothesis. Working from a null hypothesis, two basic forms of error are recognized:Standard deviation refers to the extent to which individual observations in a sample differ from a central value, such as the sample or population mean, while Standard error refers to an estimate of difference between sample mean and population mean.

A statistical error is the amount by which an observation differs from its expected value, a residual is the amount an observation differs from the value the estimator of the expected value assumes on a given sample (also called prediction).

Mean squared error is used for obtaining efficient estimators, a widely used class of estimators. Root mean square error is simply the square root of mean squared error. Many statistical methods seek to minimize the residual sum of squares, and these are called "methods of least squares" in contrast to Least absolute deviations. The latter gives equal weight to small and big errors, while the former gives more weight to large errors.

essay career ielts results list

Residual sum of squares is also differentiable, which provides a handy property for doing regression. Least squares applied to linear regression is called ordinary least squares method and least squares applied to nonlinear regression is called non-linear least squares.

Also in a linear regression model the non deterministic part of the model is called error term, disturbance or more simply noise. Measurement processes that generate statistical data are also subject to error. Any estimates obtained from the sample only approximate the population value. Confidence intervals allow statisticians to express how closely the sample estimate matches the true value in the whole population. From the frequentist perspective, such a claim does not even make sense, as the true value is not a random variable.

Either the true value is or is not within the given interval. One approach that does yield an interval that can be interpreted as having a given probability of containing the true value is to use a credible interval from Bayesian statistics: this approach depends on a different way of interpreting what is meant by "probability", that is as a Bayesian probability.

In principle confidence intervals can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. An interval can be asymmetrical because it works as lower or upper bound for a parameter (left-sided interval or right sided interval), but it can also be asymmetrical because the two sided interval is built violating symmetry around the estimate.

Sometimes the bounds for a confidence interval are reached asymptotically and these are used to approximate the true bounds. Interpretation often comes down to the level of statistical significance applied to the numbers and often refers to the probability of a value accurately rejecting the null hypothesis (sometimes referred to as the p-value).