Essay on problems faced by working women

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Views Essay, Pages 2 words. The financial demands on the Indian families are becoming fiercer by day.

The sky rocketing cost of living, increasing expenses on education of children, increasing cost of housing properties in India force every family in India to look for ways and means of increasing the household income. As a result, women in India who were mostly known as homemakers are forced to go for jobs and take up even careers that were considered only suitable for men such as working in night shifts in call centers or BPOs.

essay on problems faced by working women

Get a verified writer to help you with Problems of Working Women. They are left with no option but to fend for their families in all possible ways. Working women in India are faced with lot more challenges than their counterparts in the other parts of the world.

In India men do not share on most of the household chores, it is women who have to cook, clean the house, do the dishes, wash clothes, get their children ready for school etc. Men just took care of few chores that are to be dealt outside the house. So the major burden of running the family is on the shoulders of women. It was alright for women to handle all the chores as long as they were homemakers. Now with their increasing need for getting some income for the family, they have to work all the more harder.

They have to take up a 9 to 5 job plus handle all the household chores that they handled as a homemaker. Women have started sleeping lesser than before because only when they wake up early they can cook for the family, get themselves ready for the job, get their children ready for the schools, so on an average, women lost 2 hours of sleep per day and up to 14 hours sleep per week.

Verified writer. If they happened to work in a highly pressurized environment, then they will bring home their work and that cuts few more hours of sleep. It is not just about the reduced sleep, but such a lifestyle builds stress.

This stress is passed on to the family and frustration level builds up in the family. This leads to relationship problems.

Many Indian families are still living as joint families along with the parents and in-laws. This adds to their stress further because they have to please all the family members of her husband.

essay on problems faced by working women

Listen to their complaints that they make against her and turn deaf ears towards them and so on. Overall, majority of women in India look towards or live in the hope that things will change. Some of us have given up that hope and learnt to accept that nothing can be done about it.

India has a long way to go before our women will be able to live their lives to the full. Problems of Working Women. Accessed December 17, Download paper EssayPages 2 words. Views Essay, Pages 2 words. Don't waste time. Top writers.An interesting survey among the top corporate giants around the world confirms that women in the workplace have proved their stupendous presence in almost every industry and in huge numbers. They are strong, smart, technically competent and emotionally valiant in comparison to their male counterparts.

As such they are rightly called as the new age corporate women. But despite achieving such huge laurels, women still face many obstacles in their workplace. Gender bias and sexual harassment are not just what we are talking about but there are few more issues that are big hurdles for women to grow high up in the corporate scene. Let us discuss the most predominant challenges that women in the workplace face in their day to day life. As per research, companies who have a higher number of women in their workforce have gained high financial profits and productivity as their output, when compared to the companies which have fewer women employees.

Being in this 21st century, where women have been equally capable and successful as men, gender diversity at the workplace should be made a mandatory rule.

Moreover, the companies which have a diverse workforce are more successful when compared to other companies which are mostly male-dominated. Hiring women in the companies have many benefits as they are more focused, committed and successful even when they are under-represented most of the time. Workplaces are usually unequal and it is a global truth, one can easily understand it by seeing the pay, the positions, the designation what men and women get at work. But still, women have been victorious in making a mark on their own in this competitive market.

Men and women are always two sides of the same coin.

Each one of them has their unique charisma and each one thinks and handles the situation differently. While a man may be a practical woman could think farfetched. But it is still a shame that irrespective of being equally talented there is always discrimination in the eyes of the beholder.

In corporate environments, where people of both genders participate in all activities with equal vigor and enthusiasm such vague differentiation is the biggest challenge for a woman. One must understand that a working woman loves your concern but not your sympathy. She wishes to be recognized with her talent and not her gender. As colleagues men and women need to combine their synergies and work in union. Such a first step will definitely be the giant leap for mankind. Gender bias is another challenge that many women experience at their workplace.

Though we can say that corporate offices are bridging the gender gap slowly, private institutions and government offices are still way far behind.This wage gap is often one of the most direct roots to the overwhelming amount of women living in poverty. Despite many women working, or looking for work in the U. S, they have been continually paid less than their male counterparts. The inequalities working-class. Working Women, the Government, and Politics Working women in America are in a difficult and complex state.

Women in the workforce are encouraged to compete "like men," which conflicts with the demand for their time during "the second shift". Complete dedication is expected both in the workplace and in the home, and little support is provided by the opposite sex and the government. If the government acquired a larger responsibility for working families, it could implement several policies that.

essay on problems faced by working women

However, to this present day, women still only make, on average, 77 cents to every dollar that a male earns. This paper focuses on some of the underlying problems as to why there is still such a large gender pay discrimination over half a century later. More specifically, some of the policies maybe could be put in place and the positive impact s each policy could have on women in the work place.

Lastly, we will look at. Introduction Flexible working hours FWH are an alternative of flexible work arrangements. FWH is important to the organization because it can increase productivity and job satisfaction. Other than that, FWH can reduce cost and did not have to do large-scale employees layoff. It also can give benefit to women employees because it can give employees a required to work a specific number of hours a week but are free to vary those hours within certain limits. This study is important.

Equal Pay for Women Purpose: The purpose is to highlight the gender wage gap and focus on the discrimination against working women Thesis: I intend to assert that women deserve to be paid as much as men for the same job by the same employer. Introduction: l. Working for the same employer and in the same kind of job in the US, if we look at averages, women get paid merely 79 cents against every single dollar paid to their male coworkers.

This indeed is an alarming figure noting that women have come. It gives the newlyweds time to enjoy the marriage before adding a child. And many people want to have time for their "toys" such as new cars, big screen televisions, boats, four wheelers, and so forth before having children.

Sometimes women have unplanned pregnancies for whatever reason it may have been a rape, unprotected sex, or lack of birth control.

Why has COVID-19 been especially harmful for working women?

When a woman finds out she is pregnant she is faced with a choice that she will have to make that will affect her for the rest of her. Working Women Today, the term "family" is difficult to define.

All families are unique, and they can range anywhere from single parent families to extended families. Most importantly though, it is in the family where the next generation is being built. Parents must provide security and support for their children, and they need to be prepared for the challenges of balancing work and family in today's society.

In traditional families, there was a mother, a father and their resulting children. The father.Problems of Working Women. The liberated woman has come to the face today. The term chiefly implies a woman who is independent economically. For other things a woman still needs her husband and family. She cannot be liberated in matters of marriages and family otherwise she will not be accepted by society.

When we consider the problems of a working woman in our society, her domestic life comes to mind immediately. What is a modern working woman like? A working woman of today may belong to the middle, lower or higher echelons of society. Working women of middle or lower class have the work for economic reasons while those belonging to the higher class work to pass time.

The woman who works for financial reasons has to face many problems. They have to work in an office or organization, full-time. Often she is sniggered at; people make passes at her and criticize her work just because she is a woman. However hard working she might be in her work, there are people ready to find faults in her work in order to harass her if she does not submit to their lewd advances. And the poor woman cannot report against these people for fear of losing her job or her reputation in the eyes of colleagues, family or society.

She, indeed, has to keep walking on a razors edge all the time. Her domestic life is also not smooth. She does not get any reprieve from household work because of her office job. She has to get up early in the morning to finish her household chores, get the children ready for school, prepare breakfast and lunch for her husband and school going children, clean the house before she is ready to go to office.

The western concept of the husband helping in household chores has not taken roof in our country yet. When she comes back in the evening she has to help her children with their studies, prepare evening meals and try and look pleasant in front of family members and guests.

Nobody bothers to find out her requirement to be fulfilled. Nobody shows any consideration for the poor working woman. She is sandwiched between two worlds and reduced to a virtual robot, trying to perform her functions and duties to the best of her abilities.

English Essay on Problems of Working Women with outline - English Essay for BA and BSc

Woe betides her if she falters even once from the set path. The concept of working woman, leading a blissful domestic life, has not yet been accepted bye out society. It is time to give some attention to the poor, harassed working woman who also bears the burden of domesticity. It lies with her husband and her immediate family to help lighter burden and assist her in leading a normal happy life.The correctional facilities offered by the Criminal Justice System are of immense importance for the effective running of the society.

This is because it is through these avenues that those members or the society who do not abide by the laws and codes of conduct established can be punished and effectively rehabilitated. Even so, the United States has a phenomenal number of inmates serving in her state correctional facilities.

While men traditionally make up the bulk of the inmates in US correctional facilities, women are the fastest growing group of incarcerated persons in US Hutchinson Women therefore make up a significant percentage of incarcerated persons and their unique needs and realities are they serve their terms has gained more prominence.

This paper shall set out to give an informative analysis on the issue of women in prison. The paper shall especially concentrate on the issues that are peculiar to women; abortion, Psychological functioning during Pregnancy and child birth. The paper shall also look at the alarming of rates of suicides of women in prison and how women can best be reintegrated back to society after serving their sentences.

One of the rights that women have championed and gained in the 21st century is the right to access abortion services.

Problems of Working Women

While this are services that free women have access to fairly easily, the same cannot be said for women prisoners. As a result of this, incarcerated women are faced with various barriers in their quest to obtain pregnancy termination. Research conducted by Sufrin, Creinin and Chang on the provision of abortion services for incarcerated women revealed that while majority of health care providers for incarcerated women asserted that abortion services were provided for prisoners, there was lack of well established procedures for arranging for such procedures 9.

The lack of a written policy on prisoners who request abortion means that prisoners are at the mercy of prison officers who may deny their abortion requests at will. Abortion services for incarcerated women are also greatly dependent on the political trends of the particular state.

Research indicated that states dominated by Republican legislatures were less likely to help imprisoned women obtain abortion as compared to states dominated by Democratic legislatures Sufrin, Creinin and Chang Denying women the right to an abortion is tantamount to violating the Eight Amendment which guarantees all prisoners the right to health care. Sufrin, Creinin and Chang propose that correctional health system should strive to come up with written policies on abortion that clearly articulate the pregnancy termination provisions available to the prisoners This can help achieve quality service for the incarcerated women with positive outcomes.

A common condition experienced by the pregnant women is depression and anxiety. Research indicates that incarcerated mothers face more stressors than other inmates as a result of visitation concerns and separation from their families.

Pregnant inmates in particular stand the risk of elevated levels of anxiety and depression. A reality that pregnant women in prison face is the impeding separation from their newborns. Women who deliver while in prison spend about 1 or 2 days with their newborns after which the babies are taken away from them Hutchinson et al.

Hutchinson et al. This initial trauma may make it impossible for the mother to reconnect with their baby when they are reunited. This assertion is corroborated by a study by Sajaniemi et al. In addition to this, the stress that comes from this separation may result in violent outbursts that result in the disciplinary action being taken against the incarcerated new mother.

Pregnant incarcerated women are more predisposed to hostilities and angry outbursts as a result of their condition. While studies reveal that all pregnant women are likely to exhibit anger and hostility as a result of the hormonal changes they are undergoing, the hostile and angry reactions are higher in pregnant incarcerate women Hutchinson et al. This combined with situations such as lack of enough food for the mother and baby only serve to escalate tempers.

This condition places the incarcerated women at great risk of interpersonal violence and infractions in prison. Such behaviors not only endanger the unborn child but they lead in disciplinary action being taken against the pregnant prisoner.

In times of pregnancy and childbirth, social support is highlighted as one of the most important care practices. While incarcerated pregnant women are surrounded by their peers in prison, research indicates that majority of them do not use their prison peers as a source of social support Hutchinson et al. However, incarcerated women encounter significant barriers in their attempt to receive the much needed support.

Incarceration results in limited visitation and access to telephones.Abstract As we all know that education is crucial in the development of any country. The main focus of this research is to identify the problems faced by working women in education. They are mostly involved in household tasks, which include washing utensils, floor cleaning ,washing of cloths, cooking as well as some outdoor tasks such as purchase of vegetables etc. Most of them live in slums, lead a monotonous life without any colour, struggle in the every day for their survival.

Women in the Workplace: Issues and Challenges

DOMESTIC WORKER Means a person between the age yrs working in any domestic employments, directly or through an agency or contractor whether exclusively for one employer or in a group or otherwise one or more employers whether simultaneously or otherwise includes a casual or temporary domestic worker, Migrant worker, but does not include any Member of the family of an employer.

It shows the painful process of struggling for recognition of the employees ' rights that women, ethnic and racial minorities faced when they were entering into the meatpacking workforce.

Fink wrote her book to inform the reader about what was happening in the meatpacking industry of Iowa the old days, and how women, ethnic and racial. Women Empowerment The subject of women empowerment of women is a serious issue all over the world. Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have also been a burning issue all over the world.

Inequalities between men and women in the society generate lots of problems which become a big obstacle in the way to success of nation. It is their birthright to be treated equally as men in the society.

Problems Faced By Working Women

It is due to the typical mindset of people who think that women are limited. Gender related issues for women inparticula 'mothers ' at work. Gender inequality Inequalities have been prevalent since the beginning of civilization. Within this movement, the role of the women fell short to discrimination and gender inequalities.

The argument stands forth and is true that there are gender inequalities prevailing in all aspects of society. Thus, the concept of gender is not. The solutions are fairly straightforward, but nonetheless need to be discussed.

The problem begins at a very young age, as young as middle school in fact where young girls are led to believe that they can not perform as well as boys in certain subjects. Throughout American history gender inequality has been a prevalent, ongoing, concern. Gluck transcribes. From slavery, to Jim Crow, to racial inequalities, African Americans have never had a time period where they felt accepted and safe. However many problems rose in America.

Many people faced poor working conditions including low pay and dangerous environments. Consumers were becoming aware of the horrors of the food industry. Women were seeking their right to vote, and the government was infested with the social elites who controlled industry, trusts and monopolies. Progressive reformers worked to improve the conditions people in the United States faced; they worked towards protecting consumers, improving working conditions, and. Research paper Outline womens faced major problems in work place.

Main idea 1: Domestic abuse - Domestic abuse has a divesting effect on the victim.After decades of struggle, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution gave women in the United States the right to vote.

This hard-won right foretold the increasing presence of women not only in the voting booth, but also in the workplace.

essay on problems faced by working women

Social distancing measures required to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus have had staggering economic and social impacts, hitting women particularly hard. Millions of women were already supporting themselves and their families on meager wages before coronavirus-mitigation lockdowns sent unemployment rates skyrocketing and millions of jobs disappeared. And working mothers were already shouldering the majority of family caregiving responsibilities in the face of a childcare system that is wholly inadequate for a society in which most parents work outside the home.

Of course, the disruptions to daycare centers, schools, and afterschool programs have been hard on working fathers, but evidence shows working mothers have taken on more of the resulting childcare responsibilitiesand are more frequently reducing their hours or leaving their jobs entirely in response.

Problems facing women in the labor market have never been hidden, but they have been inconvenient to address because they are so entrenched in the basic operations of our economy and society. But a substantial number of women support themselves and their families by working in low-wage jobs. Some of the difference between men and women is explained by personal choice—for example women often pursue education in lower paying majors, fields, and occupations than men.

Some women also prioritize work flexibility over wages. But, an extensive body of evidence shows women also face discrimination in the labor market. Evidence also demonstrates that as an occupation becomes more female-dominated, median wages decline. The majority of women between ages 18 and 64 work. One in four working women, Some of these women work part time or have a family member on whom they can rely to provide supervision for their young and school-aged children.

These women are working at least half time and do not live with a potential caregiver at home—another adult who is either out of the labor force or working less than half time. There simply are not enough affordable, high-quality childcare options to meet this demand, disproportionately harming working mothers, especially low- and middle-income mothers and mothers of color. The childcare that is available is often unaffordable.

As childcare becomes more difficult to access, women are more likely to stay out of or leave the workforce; one analysis found maternal labor force participation rates are 3 percentage points lower in childcare deserts than in areas with adequate childcare supply. The childcare system also relies on an underpaid, primarily female workforce —so not only is it a bad system for those it serves, but it undervalues those it employs.