Modern day resume

Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic. Click here to read more. Business standard resume styles have evolved over the years, and while some classic elements remain in favor, a sleek modern profile typically has an advantage over a resume made in the s.

These contemporary resume template options can bring your document into the current era and ensure that you get the employer attention you need. They offer a visually appealing, readable, memorable format that brings your most relevant credentials to the center stage.

Modern Resume Template & Format (18+ Examples for 2020)

Choose any of the contemporary template designs below and use Resume Builder to create a customized resume that hiring managers will remember.

Create My Resume Resume Tips for Contemporary Finding jobs as a contemporary takes a combination of the right mindset and certain job seeking skills.

The tips below can help keep you on track during your job search. Keen an open mind. While you might have a specific job in mind, staying open to all possibilities could increase the opportunities that come your way. Take time to evaluate all scenarios before setting your mind on a single job prospect. Stay positive. Keeping a positive outlook will allow you to see this time of temporary unemployment as one of opportunity instead of a stressful situation.

Set goals for yourself. An effective way of breaking down the process is to set goals that can be achieved on a weekly or daily basis. One of these goals could be setting out a certain number of resumes per week. Keep networking. You never know where your next lead could come from. Make use of social media.

Network-building sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can expand your list of contacts and also help your resume become more accessible to potential employers.

If you are looking for jobs as a contemporary, you want to make sure your resume offers an excellent first impression of you. Unless you are an academic or doctor who will be using curricula vitae CVsthere is no need to write more than two pages.

Keep your writing brief and concise. Do use bullet points for listing items and align the text flush left. These two formatting standards will improve the clarity and readability of your text. This gives the reader an at-a-glance view of your professional qualifications.Modern resumes are an ideal choice for those seeking work in a modern workplace. Many new start-up businesses and tech companies will be looking for candidates using resumes that can quickly and stylishly deliver all the information they are looking for.

If you take a look at the templates we have listed below, you will notice that they all are similar in the way that your information is prioritized and structured. We understand that many companies will process resumes through multiple proofing processes and our free modern resume templates are designed with this in mind to be easily readable.

8 Must-Have Marketing Skills for a Modern Day Resume

Before your resume even makes it into the hands of a recruiter, it will be given a cursory scan by a member of staff to make sure that it ticks all of their boxes and fits their requirements. What will be scanned for are those obvious keywords and key phrases that make it clear you carry the right experience needed for the job.

The first scan can take only a few seconds to perform before your resume is consigned to either the recycling bin or is accepted for consideration. Our modern resume designs make it easy for your keywords to stand out and be picked up quickly.

However, we are also very aware that those resumes that do make it through the initial scan will eventually be placed into the hands of a recruiter that will scrutinize it further.

This is why our resume templates have been structured to allow you to enrich your presentation with plenty of valuable and job-specific information to engage the mind and capture the human eye.

Did you know that an average job vacancy in the US attracts around job applicants?

8 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume

You need to know what to include on your resume to deliver what your recruiter needs to see. Imagine being the recruiter that has to sort through that many resumes! This is why our modern resume templates have been designed in a way that is both functional but also remains pleasing to the eye.

modern day resume

Our stylish designs will allow your resume to stand out from the crowd when the recruiter face a sea of generic and plain looking resumes. Our modern themes deliver a high level of information, but still allow your true personality to shine through. Our modern resume examples offer you the right mix of style and practicality that will help get your job application past its initial first check and then safely delivered into the hands of your recruiter.

They have been carefully structured to be easy to read and allow your key skills and experience to stand out. The added style element makes your resume look very professional and well presented. The overall look of your resume and the feeling it generates within its readers is just as important as the information it contains.What is the modern resume?

Or more importantly, how does the modern resume compare to the traditional resume? The differences are certainly there, and they focus primarily on telling a career narrative and keyword optimization. While traditional resumes or CVs can vary in range or length, the typical length of a modern resume usually hovers around one to two pages.

In fact, more and more recruiters actually prefer two pages over one page, even if you're an entry-level candidate. According to a study that involved almost recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals and nearly 8, resumes, recruiters are 2.

This means if you have enough information to go on to that second page, do so. If you don't, leave it at one page. If you have many years of experience, you should still cut your resume down to two pages.

Recruiters spend less than 10 seconds reviewing your resume, so it's important to present a succinct document that highlights the recent — and more relevant — parts of your work history, skills, and education.

The Modern Day Resume

Modern industry standards call for more comprehensive formats and narrative career storytelling. This begins with the removal of the objective statement and referenceswhich have been deemed outdated. These two sections of the resume have been removed to include more comprehensive content, including a career summary and an Areas of Expertise section.

First, it's imperative to insert a career summary at the beginning of your resume. Career summaries are two to four lines that are typically like your elevator pitch, outlining why you're qualified for the job.

After these two sections, list your latest experiences up to 15 years — going back any further will just make your resume too long and will include information recruiters aren't looking for. The idea is to get the document to two pages filled with relevant information that highlights why you're the best candidate for the job. You also want to leave enough room for an Education and Credentials section to wrap up the resume. These are the areas where education, training, certifications, and awards are compiled and listed, serving as rudimentary qualifications in many instances.

Believe it or not, your resume needs to include relevant keywords in order to be considered for the job. As mentioned, many recruiters search for specific keywords or terms when finding their ideal candidates.

Also, many companies utilize applicant tracking software to help scan through the hundreds of applications they receive for a job posting, looking for the correct terms relevant to the job. This means that if your resume isn't optimized, this system will dispose of your resume before it reaches human eyes.

modern day resume

By strategically implementing relevant keywords, you increase visibility in highly competitive markets and heavily populated resume hosting sites, and ensure your resume gets through to a hiring manager. Resumes have evolved to reflect the times. How does the modern resume compare to the traditional resume? The differences are certainly significant. From more career-narrative development to keyword optimization, the modern resume has distinct features that aid job seekers in competing in a globally competitive market.

Is your resume stuck in the past? Update it today with the help of one of our resume writers. This article was updated in May It was originally written by Keith Fuchs. What Is an ATS? How to Write a Resume to Beat the Bots. Let's stay in touch. Subscribe today to get job tips and career advice that will come in handy. Career advice is on its way. Your information is secure.By Luz Corona. The world is changing for our consumers and so are the skills needed to ensure we are meeting their needs from a brand perspective and connecting with them from a human perspective.

We rounded up answers from our Innovators community on the most valuable and sometimes underdeveloped skills for marketers today. Not surprisingly, skills like empathy, resiliency and curiosity rose to the top, while common sense, resourcefulness and cultural understanding also made an appearance. Especially in the current climate, we need to cultivate empathy and be sensitive to what people are going through. Data-driven insights are critical, but great marketing always pairs deep consumer empathy with a deep understanding of the lens your brand uniquely brings to storytelling.

Having the skill as a marketer to learn from and authentically tap into what is truly moving people is invaluable. Marketers learn as much from failure as they do from success, and being agile and learning when to pivot has become necessary for any industry. Media cycles, like life, are too short. By Jeff Fagel. By Luz Corona August 28, Luz Corona is the community content manager at Adweek, curating trends, tips and advice from top brand leaders to help marketers grow.The modern job search has in turn developed new standards for a modern day resume format.

Many previously vital elements of a resume are now being redesigned or totally reimagined. Below are modern day resume format tips that will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition. Before you read on, though — have you had your resume checked by a Certified Professional Resume Writer yet?

Use our free resume checker to get feedback from our in-house staff of CPRWs today! Modern resumes are redefining how job seekers are branding themselves. Objective statements were the personal touch at the very beginning of a resume, stating your objective in the job hunt. Ultimately, an objective statement serves no purpose. The objective of a resume never changes. When applying to a job posting, the objective is obviously to be chosen for the position.

Instead of an objective statement, replace it with a professional summary to better optimize this prime real estate at the beginning of your resume. Discussing your most prominent skills and achievements rather than what you hope to gain will allow you to capitalize on your greatest capabilities.

If this is the only area of your resume that an employer will read, make it count. There is no obligation to include all experience in a modern day resume click here to download a free professional sample resume template. Keeping your experience relevant and timely will better your chances in the job hunt. Only including experience within the last 15 years will set aside any chances for ageism, and focusing on school projects or relevant clubs for recent graduates will better cater your skillset.

Focusing your resume on only your most relevant and timely experience will allow your skills and achievements to be the highlight of your resume. Spend time and take care in reading job descriptions when you are crafting your resume. There are industry key words that can be applied to your resume that can give you the upper hand against applicant tracking systems ATS. Take note of repeating words, including technical knowledge, soft skills, and industry-specific abilities.

If you fail to incorporate these repeating words in job listings, your resume may be removed from the competition before a hiring manager ever reads it. For the modern day resume format, scratch months from your professional experience, and dates altogether from your education.

An employer is mainly concerned with your major responsibilities and greatest achievements and how they can be benefitted by them. The modern job search has reinvented resume best practices. Staying ahead of rapidly changing times will allow you to properly implement the modern day resume format maximize your job search opportunities.

Trade an Objective Statement for a Professional Summary Modern resumes are redefining how job seekers are branding themselves. Only Include Relevant Professional Experience There is no obligation to include all experience in a modern day resume click here to download a free professional sample resume template. Utilize Industry Keywords Spend time and take care in reading job descriptions when you are crafting your resume.

Date Inclusion Best Practices For the modern day resume format, scratch months from your professional experience, and dates altogether from your education.Our world is constantly changing. Although people do their best to keep up, more often than not it's easier said than done. With the unemployment rates in America, and in many other parts of the world, dangerously high, the competition to find work in this economy is fierce.

Because of this, we wanted to provide you with some innovative ways to make your resume stand out. If you incorporate these tips in a resume of your own, you'll look modern, up-to-date and willing to go beyond what's asked of you to be successful. Some say that a cover letter is necessary as it is the perfect place to explain why you should be hired for the position, but many say that some industries don't care about a cover letter. You definitely need to explain why the rest of your resume deserves to be looked at.

Therefore, why not express this explanation in a short and sweet "why you should hire me" summary. This can be at the beginning of your resume and should be two to three paragraphs in length. It should also include the main reasons why you want the job and why you think you think you deserve it based on your relevant experiences and skills.

Feel free to add some reasons in point form. Putting some of your resume in point form gives your content order and helps the employer look through your resume easily. Recommendations Although some people may tell you not to include your references' contact information on your resume unless asked to, you will most likely be asked to include references sooner or later.

You should definitely still have some references ready-to-go just in case. Since you will probably have to provide references eventually if you want to get hired, why not include more than just some references on your resume? If an employer is seriously thinking about hiring you after looking over your past work, experiences and education, the employer will usually want to get in contact with your past employers to know two things: what kind of employee have you been in the past and would your past employer recommend hiring you.

Before you give potential employers your references, you must first get in contact with the references yourself to make sure it is still OK to include them on your resume. You should use this time to further build your relationship with your references and talk to them about the position you are being considered for. Since you are getting in contact with your references anyway, why not ask them each to create a quick three to five line "personal recommendation" highlighting some of the skills that may be essential for the specific position you are applying for.

You can add these to your resume along with the contact information of your references. It will show your potential employers that you have taken the initiative to get references ready. It may not be a personal website with a personal domain name, but many people have a blog.

modern day resume

A website is a great way to show your presence online, show that you are keeping up with the times and that you are tech-savvy. If you're currently looking for a job, you should probably already have a personal page on LinkedIn, so include the link to your profile on your resume.

So, how do you differentiate yourself from others? Well, some people are going well beyond a LinkedIn page and are actually creating their own personal websites. You can even use WordPress for the page layout. Designing the look and content of your own website is much simpler than one might imagine.

Any link you provide to a potential employer should be relevant to the position you are applying for. Make sure that any link you provide is professional, and only portrays the skills and attributes that will help you in the hiring process.This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy. This guide will show you over a dozen modern resume templates, followed by a guide on how you can make your resume more modern:.

More colorful. And it might use unique fonts. But creating a modern resume does not mean simply a modern-looking resume. First let's see some guids to write a Resume:.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. Create your resume now. Sample modern resume created with our builder.

What Does the Best Resume Look Like in 2020

See more templates and create your resume here. My resume is now one page long, not three. With the same stuff. Note: we have designed all our resume templates to be ATS-scannable. This is one of our pride-and-joys here at Zety - the super-modern Cascade resume template made using our resume builder.

Check out the nifty bar graph for your skills and language sections. Also, a sidebar! How about this modern template? Perfect for those who love the reverse-chronological resume format, this resume leaves a thin sidebar to the left vacant for all but dates. To increase its modernity, its got icons for both resume sections and each item in the contact info section. It uses a white background, black text, and a color of your choice for heading titles and the sidebar. Diamond by Zety is clean but packs a punch.

Data is prioritized over infographic resume elements, though some can be found in the skills area. A timeline goes through the left-hand side, connecting education and experience for a resume that works well.

A very professional modern resume template suitable for candidates across all industries and professions! Our "Vibes" template has got all the modern resume characteristics while maintaining a classic, well, vibe : a minimalist design, easy-to-find contact info, a subtle color palette, and much more. Looking for modern? Well look no further! Our aptly-named Modern resume template is exactly that.

The paint splotches on the top left and bottom right really give it an unfinished, creative feel. To top it off, each section is easy to find.