Overfishing research paper

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Research Paper on Overfishing

Get homework Help now! Overfishing refers to the act of taking out too many fish from the water bodies Palkovacs, Although fishing is legal, there are certain restrictions about the amount of fishing that should be done. This helps to ensure that the ones remaining get to reproduce. When overfishing occurs, there is a disturbance in the balance of ocean life. It also causes distress to the people who reside along the water bodies and depend on fishing for their livelihood.

Fishing has always been a source of livelihood for millions of people around the world. This however is being threatened by overfishing and other unsustainable fishing practices are straining the fish population.

Most of the fisheries in the world have been strained to a situation that is so dire that most fish species have been threatened. Part of the problem is the increase in technologies that have been invented that assist in fishing.

The technologies not only help in being able to find more fish within a short time, but also in reaching the farthest and deepest parts of the water bodies where these fishes are found.

One of the technologies that exist is known as seine fishing. Weights are used to hold its bottom to the ground. Seiners are boats that are used for navigation to the water bodies in order for the seines to be launched. Although there are different types of seines, the most common one is referred to as purse seine. The use of seine is so rampant that there are restrictions in certain countries about its use.

In a year, seine fishing is responsible for the capture of 62 percent of the fish that are caught. Users who would like to go deep sea fishing with purse seines usually have to seek permission from the authorities. This kind of fishing is restricted because of its all inclusive nature that sometimes leads to the capture of negative species thus threatening their existence even more. The catch limitation system is one of the government policies that are meant to control fishing.

The main aspect of this system is the number of fishes that can be caught in a specified period of time. This is meant to ensure that the rare species of fish are protected and also that the ones that are common are given the chance to reproduce and multiply so that the activity of fishing can continue for a long time.

Deciding the total allowable catch is another policy for fishing. Each year, the government scientifically takes stock of the fishes and determines the total number that are safe for fishing without ruining the balance of the fish in water. Although this policy is supposed to assist the government in establishment of fishing maximum, this policy has not mange d to effectively serve its purpose.

The reason of this is that scientists who are looked up to for provision of this information have failed in one way or another Palkovacs, They have failed to give an accurate number of the population of fish thus leading to a wrong maximum number being given.

Mostly, they have overestimated this number therefore leading to the government giving a larger number of fish that can be caught than is appropriate.Research papers on overfishing examine the world's oceans and how they have be depleated of fish stock over the past Century. Our oceanography research papers are written by experts in scientific theory and writing, allowing you to receive the most up-to-date and accurate research on overfishing.

Overfishing research papers point out that over two decades ago, Marine Biologists warned that the Earth's oceans were becoming over-fished. Scientists claimed that the fish stocks were continually depleting as the commercial fishing industry continued it's incessant netting. It wasn't until the early 's that the industry took the ecologists warnings of overfishing serious when their catches became noticeably smaller. Part of the problem of overfishing is consumer ignorance.

For example, orange roughly began to appear in fish stores and on the menus at fancy restaurants in the U. Yet in that short time the species has become threatened with extinction due to overfishing. Consider the example of Orange Roughly when writing research on overfishing:. People wouldn't eat rhinoceros or any other land creature that they knew was threatened with extinction.

overfishing research paper

But they're eating fish like orange roughly without a clue to what's happening," says Greenpeace fisheries expert Mike Hagler in Auckland, New Zealand. The oceans were initially used as a food source. Scientists have found evidence that the early coastal dwellers consumed shore shellfish and coastline fish. As sea going boats were invented, the collecting progressed from off of the shore to farther out in the sea. Larger, more effective nets widened the catch, the beginning of the depletion of the ocean's fish supply.

Yet early scientists such as T. Huxley alleged that the ocean's supply were too numerous and the fishing methods so inefficient to ever make a dent in nature's abundance. Technology has advanced commercial fishing tremendously, as the example of Don Tyson illustrates.

Overfishing Research Paper

These trawlers pull nylon nets thousands of feet long through the water, capturing everything in their path tons of fish at a single netting.

Approximately 40 percent of what these super-trawlers catch is considered trash and is ground up and thrown back into the ocean.

overfishing research paper

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overfishing research paper

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Overfishing: How Long Until We Run Out of Fish

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The findings were that college students who are higher in temptation drink more and experience more alcohol-related problems when they perceive drinking to be more prevalent among their peers. Dipali V.Overfishing Ever Since the Industrial. The requirement of sustainable fishing practicing was is now more than ever. There is a need for the endorsement of instruments and approval of programs due to which maritime safety can be promoted.

Governments and communities must step forward and work for the protection of environment, reduction of marine pollution and getting rid of environmental damage that is caused by water vessels, both big and small. The rate of the world's fisheries depletion can be compensated only with the application of a bilateral approach Nuttall. Overfishing is escalating day by day as fishermen are catching fish and other valuable marine species at a rate that is faster than their reproduction rate.

The ever-increasing global demand for seafood along with the meager management of fishing industry and invention of more efficient fishing tools and techniques need immediate measures. If these problems are not given their due importance and attention, the marine…… [Read More].

Endangered Tuna Overfishing. Endangered Tuna For centuries, the seas have been viewed as a limitless bounty, a continuous source of food and resources. However, decades of fishing, pollution and destruction of habitat have taken their toll. This paper focuses on the effects of overfishing on one of the most widely-consumed fish species - the tuna. The first part of the paper is an overview of the various tuna species.

The next part then examines the reasons behind the depletion of the tuna population. In the last part, the paper details the consequences of this depletion, and the various proposals put forth to help the tuna population recover. Overview of the tuna population Commercially speaking, tuna…… [Read More]. From lakes to oceans, man relies on the waters of this planet to provide nourishment for survival - from drinking water to food to eat.

Over the centuries, we have made use of these natural resources, but recently our use has turned to abuse as more and more marine species face extinction due to our over-use of the ocean resources. Different species of marine life face extinction for various reasons, but the majority are in declined numbers because of over-fishing.

Not all animals and fish varieties are…… [Read More]. Carothers Courtney Equity and Access to Fishing. Carothers, Courtney. Sacramento Basin the Project Is. The Delta is also a habitat for many species of fish, birds, mammals, and plants, and it supports agricultural and recreational activities while also being the focal point for water distribution throughout the State. The development of the Delta as it exists today started in late when the Swamp and Overflow Land Act transferred ownership of all swamp and overflow land, including Delta marshes, from the federal government to the State of California.

Inthe State Legislature created the Board of Swamp and Overflowed Land Commissioners to manage reclamation projects, and inthe authority of the Board was transferred to county boards of supervisors.

Research Papers on Overfishing

The Delta now coversacres interlaced with hundreds of miles of waterways, with much of the land below sea level, relying on more than 1, miles of levees for protection against flooding. Society Has Experienced Significant Technological. The fact that people express particular interest in particular types of fish means that large fish are likely to be replaced by smaller fish that feed on plankton, especially considering that these fish gradually come to have less and less natural predators.

Marine ecosystems are thus significantly altered as the number of predators slowly drops while plankton also drops as a result of more and more plankton-eating small fish having no one to prey on them. The marine ecosystem no longer functions the same as a series of fish species become seriously affected by fishing. The general public thus needs to acknowledge the critical condition the marine ecosystem and to raise public awareness concerning the impending catastrophe that the world is about to experience.

In addition to the marine ecosystem being affected, overfishing is also responsible for generating economic and social problems throughout the world. Ecological Balance of the Coral. It should not be a difficult question to answer: we must begin reducing ocean pollution and taking steps to prohibit overfishing of our ocean shallows. The plan that is formulated to address the overfishing and man-made pollutants in the coral reefs must be conducted by authorities in marine and ecological sciences.

It must be conducted on two levels: the fishing industry associated with the catches on the coral reefs; and the pollutants that are introduced into the coral reefs through contact with man. This can be done by monitoring commercial tourism and diving industries, which claim there is no residual effect on the coral reefs Carrier, James, and McLeod, Donald,p. The Plan for Preserving the Coral eefs Action Items in the correct order Action Steps Timeline esearch and identify the effects of overfishing of species found in coral reefs.

Gorges Dam Project Assessing the.Overfishing is the practice of fishing, not providing a steady state of fish populations and entailing the depletion of fish resources. Compared to other anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems, such as water pollution or climate change, overfishing is by far the main cause of the massive reduction in populations of many species of fish, some of which are already on the brink of extinction.

Use free sample research papers to understand that economic reasons for overfishing include a growing demand for seafood that is associated with the growth of the world population. The fish is often seen as an alternative to meat food.

High prices for certain species of fish will often lead to the fact that the owners of fishing vessels often are aimed at fishing the most valuable fish, while the rest of the fare is thrown out into the sea as a by-catch. The preservation of the large fishing fleet are often encouraged by Government subsidies. The technological causes of overfishing are improved, in our time, the methods and techniques of fishing.

Increasingly large industrial ships able to use more and more large fishnets. Digital maps, satellite navigation and 3D sonars can provide accurate fishing even in difficult underwater relief, which previously was untouched due to keeping a significant distance for safety. The quotas for the catch of certain species existing in many countries, though are somewhat reasonable, but even more increase proportion of by-catch, since fishermen first and foremost try to use their obtained quotas. In the third world countries, the situation is aggravated by the lack of control and a lot of poachers that ignore every rule.

Recently, there has been a considerable reduction in the populations of many of the eatable species of fish, including tuna, swordfish, and other. In recent years, the North Atlantic fishing stocks of cod, hake, redfish and flounder has declined by 95 percent. Often, there is lack of mature individuals, able, due to their size, to produce many eggs. Broken food chain also results in the reduction of other species.

Unregulated trading and remaining outside the control of the death of young individuals, released as by-catch, carries the economic losses to the fishery in the long term, because the same individuals in the future would be of greater value.

The enormous economic loss is the potential extinction of a species of fish that is fished. There are international agreements on which there are some restrictions to catch certain types of fish. Often these restrictions, however, are not strong enough or because of inadequate control are simply not enforced. The possible technological measures include selective fishing through specialized networks, allowing to fish only certain species and substantially reducing by-catch.

Another way to protect Ocean population are aquaculture, but there are problems. These include the need to catch multiple food in cases of predatory fish.

The use of antibiotics is also problematic, as it could have negative consequences for individuals living in the wild.Muizenberg Beach, located about 25 kilometers south of Cape Town, South Africa, is an expansive, white beach with bright blue water and mountains in the background. The shore is gently sloping, with flat, hard sand and moderate waves. Muizenberg Beach is one of the most breathtaking places in all of South Africa.

However, here, paradise is not always guaranteed and can disappear in a moment. Recently, a young lifeguard was violently attacked a great white shark. Achmat Hassiem, a 24 year-old lifeguard was watching his brother swim in the water when he saw a great white shark swim towards him.

The foot shark quickly turned around, swam towards Hassiem, bit into him, pulled him underwater, and savagely bit his foot off Calvert. This kind of incident is not the only occurrence where a shark has attacked someone. In fact, these incidents have been happening all around the world.

Paul Botha, a long-time surfer believes overfishing is the factor that is causing sharks to attack humans because it deprives sharks of food. However, shark attacks are only one problem that overfishing creates. One of the additional problems caused by overfishing is diminished food supply for animals and humans. This hurts the marine ecosystem of oceans and seas all around the globe, which in turn directly impacts human nutrition.

Overfishing has increased greatly over the past decade Nuttal 1. Overfishing is when fish of a certain body of water has been fished to its maximum. When fish stocks are reduced to its minimum. Only until recently has overfishing been a known problem in the world. Most fish produce huge numbers to help cope with high natural mortality rates.

However, overfishing has risen so much, the amount of fish eggs a fish produces does not help the cause MacKay, Strickler 2. Salvatore has memories of catching 5, pounds of cod in Massachusetts in only one hour. Today, Jose occasionally is able to catch 2, of mid-sized cod in eight hours of hard trawling. People all around the world are experiencing what the Testaverde family experienced.

Families, towns, and companies all across the globe are victims of overfishing. If nothing is done to prevent overfishing, there will be massive consequences. Fish are the most popular source of food from the ocean.

Fishing is essential for the livelihood of million people, particularly in the developing world. One in five people depend on fish as their main source of protein Nuttall 1. People around the world rely on these fish for their daily source of protein, and vitamins. For example, over a billion people in Asia depend on fish as their most important source of protein Overfishing Threatens… 1.

The protein in fish has enough amino acids required for the body for growth and maintenance of mussel tissue. This protein can help people.

Sample Research Paper on Overfishing

Overfishing Research Paper. Accessed 12, Essay title: Overfishing Research Paper Muizenberg Beach, located about 25 kilometers south of Cape Town, South Africa, is an expansive, white beach with bright blue water and mountains in the background. Read full document Save. Download as for upgraded members.Therefore, a 25 percent rise in the dollar offsets a 25 percent drop in oil prices. Global uncertainty is one factor that makes the U. Since December 2016, the dollar's value has been falling according to the DXY interactive chart.

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overfishing research paper

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